Since 17 th century, a mountain beauty in the heart of Serbia, has been attracting and bringing passengers and guests towards its most beautiful sides. Combination of continental and mediteranian climate with more than 200 sunny days a year has made it reasonable to call Zlatibor "the mountain of health".

     With its area of about 1000m2 at the everage hight of 1000m above sea level, Zlatibor rapids rich with fish, its pastures, forest clearings, caves, meadows and hights such as: Gradina (1146m), Crni vrh (1175m), Borkovac (1260m), Viogor (1281m), Konjoder (1337m), Liska (1346m), Cigota (1422m), Brijac (1480m), and Tornik (1496m), are providing a picture of perfect harmony between man and nature.

   Zlatibor is convinient for sports' teams preparations, for holidays, for recovery and treating of thyroide gland, asthma, anemia...

     "Roses of winds" begin to bloom right above Zlatibor, therefor breathe with your full lungs without fear of mites and air pollution. Broaden your mind and learn something new about nature!