The open museum "Staro selo" Sirogojno is a unique open museum preserving and presenting special and traditional housing culture of Zlatibor region. Authentic Zlatibor log cabins as the most perfectSerbian Dinar region mountain house shape with their garden plots and furniture are telling us their stories about the period from the end of 17 th up to the beginning of 20 th century.

     Mokra Gora, world - known for the beauty of its countryside and even more for the old narrow - gauge railroad,where the ancient steam engine called Cira used to run on its way from Belgrade and Uzice towards Visegrad and Sarajevo. Nowadays the most attractive is the restored part of the railway that encludes the "Sargan eight" (a railway knot in the shape of number 8). You can have a ride in the old Cira and feel the charm of ancient times for a while.

     In Mokra Gora you can pay a visit to Saint prophet Ilija's church, as well as to the healing "White water " spring.

      An attractive part of the offer is Emir Custurica 's "Wooden town", which is telling us a certainnew story in its film language.

    Besides Sirogojno and Mokra Gora you mustn 't avoid destinations such as: Gostilje waterfall, Bozidar Kovacevic memorial, Podpec cave...